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Light Pebbles

The light pebble series is a series of light objects that project swirling light projections of seemingly three dimensional light structure. Within each pebble, a reflector revolves, casting light beams off of its specular surface and transcribing its geometry in light. The transforming light drawings draw the viewer into a meditative gaze. Different Reflector geometries generate different light patterns.


3D Printed PLA and ABS, electrical components, motor, LED, stainless steel augmented reflector, lacquer finish


WAITING ROOM / Immersive Art for Wellbeing

An exhibition of dynamic light, shadow, and movement as immersive experiences designed to calm, inspire, or transform.


Work by six artists who use light, shadow, and movement to create experiences that will mesmerize, enchant, and captivate. Each art installation will be set up as a “waiting room” for the audience to spend time immersed in the experience, with the intention of calming, inspiring, or transforming. As part of ongoing research viewers will be able to take part in a survey to collect feedback on their individual experiences of the various installations.

The Exhibition Included Light Pebbles by Yael Erel, as well as works by Lyn Godley, Alyson Denny, Philip Hart, Jessica Beckwith, Aidan Lincoln Fowler. Also included will be the work of the winning entries of the 2022 Immersive Arts for Health Student Design Competition, organized by the Jefferson Center of Immersive Arts for Health, a design, research, and academic initiative dedicated to studying the impact of dynamic and interactive art + design on healing.

Thanks to Avner Ben Natan @lightexture, Cooper Myer, Eileen Dong, Gunnar Thuss, Owen Lawler, Bill Bergman, Jim Van Duyne and John Cade


Photography: Yael Erel, Avner Ben Natan

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