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Light Hoods at Lit exhibition Albany airport


Light Hoods at Lit exhibition Albany airport


light box image and reflector


Light drawings and reflector test

Light Hoods

Albany International Airport - Lit Exhibition


Light Hoods Construct a landscape of light boxes, which allows the viewer to peak and discover the internal projection source. 


Walking past a block of row houses at night, one might glimpse the shadowy silhouettes of life within. Light Hoods invites a similar kind of voyeuristic curiosity through translucent windows that reveal the movement of mysterious forms. Unlike real houses, we are able to peer through the roof-like openings of these structures to discover what’s really happening inside. It’s surprising to learn that the complex shifting patterns are projections made by light hitting bits of ordinary material that sit atop a reflective, turning surface. These arrangements and the ethereal shadow-drawings they produce leave the notion of ‘seeing is believing’ in a state of delighted upheaval.


Materials: LED source, CNC milled MDF, Laser cut steel, magnets, clock movements. 


by Yael Erel



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