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This Spiky shaped pendant light is made of white translucent porcelain that shines in an amber tone. This light fixture comes with a braided cord and a matching clay ceiling plate.

The Concept:

Spikes is the outcome of exploring seam lines in porcelain casting. Usually seams are considered a problem, something to erase and cover but in translucent porcelain you just can't do it. The light going through will reveal any seam like an X ray. This lighting fixture celebrates these fault lines in a decorative way. The mold was broken into many pieces producing many seam lines and evidence of the casting process which create different thicknesses of porcelain transmitting different intensities of light.

SPIKES PENDANT : Translucent Porcelain | LED Lighting | Unique Ceiling Light

$290.00 Regular Price
$232.00Sale Price
    • Ships within 1-3 business days. 
    • Handmade in New York.
    • Can be customized for European voltage. (see technical info notes)
    • Materials: translucent porcelain, Braided cords.


    • Shade Size: 5"D x 5"W x 5.5"H.
    • Bulb: 6W LED
    • All of the electrical parts are UL registered

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