Projected Topographies

light installation

Installation by Yael Erel

Soundscape: by Torben Pastore

'Projecting Topographies' is an interactive light installation that reveals different micro-topographies of reflective surfaces as projected ‘light drawings’. An immersive laboratory composed of different scale elements that each use a simple setup of a light source, a reflecting surface and a screen to magnify minuscule conditions that are normally overlooked.

The installation is grounded in a direct physical phenomena that challenges the liminal nature of our senses - though we understand that a surface contains events in a micro-scale which we cannot easily detect with our naked eyes, when they are transcribed through a simple act of reflection it seems otherworldly.

Sound-scapes by Torben Pastore enhances the immersive environment and allows the viewer to enter the space of the light drawings and experience them as live scapes.
201 Gallery Greene Building RPI Architecture School (Troy, NY) - April 2014

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