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Reflecting on Troy

‘Reflecting on Troy’ is an analog animation in reflective light that is projected onto the back facade of The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, one of Troy New York’s most beloved historic buildings. The reflected animation is created by shining a high-powered, directional light onto two rotating reflective disks. The disk’s surfaces is etched with Troy-inspired geometries that create spatial light drawings as they reflect light onto the textures of the urban landscape.

‘Reflecting on Troy’ is an urban scale experiment that is part of in a larger body of work that studies how one can transform mirrored surfaces to draw with light reflections. The Two stainless steel reflective discs have been precisely augmented using an ABB robotic arm. The geometry is etched onto the reflective surface anticipating the reflective light effect. The reflective discs revolve and create a continually transforming light-scape. As viewers observe the light they can interact with the reflective light and become part of this urban projection.

The project was one of six artist projects selected, commissioned, produced, and funded by the Arts Center of the Capital Region through the inaugural Troy Glow light festival. Created with the support of lightexture, fabrication shops at RPI. Project Team: Owen Lawler, Shelby Lewis, Cooper Myers, Eileen Dong , Avner Ben Natan and Yael Erel.


Photography: Yael Erel, Avner Ben Natan, Joseph Fazioli

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